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Spoken in Red Photography offers a unique fusion of portrait photography and digital/graphic art that I refer to as "artography." My vision is to go beyond the lens to create and capture nuances and moods, both beautiful and "ugly", enlightening and morbid, fantastical as well as alien and bizarre... and always that shadow of a story in an opulent ruin--a fairy tale fractured dripping with Gothic style .  While I have two sides to my photography work, one for publications and galleries, and one for clientele, I seek to provide my customers with something unique, something unexpected, and something exclusive that illustrates their personality and tastes .  If you're looking for Olan Mills, I am not for you!  


I have several styles to choose from so please take some time to view my body of work represented in the galleries on this site to see if my services and style may be compatible with what you are looking for in your photographer.  I want to collaborate with you to bring something unique and inspiring and certainly beautiful.


Thank you for your visit to Spoken in Red and I look forward to working with you to create something unique and special that you will cherish.  Please contact me via e-mail for any queries you may have and we can set up a time for a consultation and get the wheels in motion.  You can even just drop by and say HI.  I like those messages, too!


--Jennifer Rhoades, Spoken in Red

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