March 5, 2020

I'll admit it.  I am bored stiff by TV these days.  And movies.  And Netflix.  And show binges.  I'm bored.  BORED.  

I used to be heavily into reading.  My nose was buried in books from a kid up until I got married in my early 30's because...TV was boring and I was BUSY.  Whatever ballet company I was with, my nose was buried in books as we burned miles on the company bus.  I read myself to sleep--which made dreaming infinitely interesting.  Nothing was as interesting as the world of books and, after marrying and getting involved in other areas of operation in the ballet business, I stopped.  I couldn't shut my brain down enough to focus.  My mind would be thinking of things I needed to do, how to handle the latest drama du jour, etc.  Now that I am no longer in the ballet world--after 35 years, I went on a spree of binge watching TV shows, movies, and videos on you tube.  It was FUN.  Until it wasn't.  Until it all looked and fe...

September 9, 2019