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What do you like to read?

What do you dream?

I'll admit it. I am bored stiff by TV these days. And movies. And Netflix. And show binges. I'm bored. BORED.

I used to be heavily into reading. My nose was buried in books from a kid up until I got married in my early 30's because...TV was boring and I was BUSY. Whatever ballet company I was with, my nose was buried in books as we burned miles on the company bus. I read myself to sleep--which made dreaming infinitely interesting. Nothing was as interesting as the world of books and, after marrying and getting involved in other areas of operation in the ballet business, I stopped. I couldn't shut my brain down enough to focus. My mind would be thinking of things I needed to do, how to handle the latest drama du jour, etc. Now that I am no longer in the ballet world--after 35 years, I went on a spree of binge watching TV shows, movies, and videos on you tube. It was FUN. Until it wasn't. Until it all looked and felt the same. Until everything was like something else and I wanted something with more texture and depth again. Suddenly I was reading again. Where before I couldn't focus past the 4th or 5th page, I was reading a 500 page novel in two nights.

So...I'm interested in what you've been reading!

And I thought I'd share the latest and biggest gems of the past few months and want to know what you think!

First on my list is:

My absolute stand out favorite is Vita Nostra by Marina and Sergei Dyachenko--a married couple in Russia who have their work translated so there is a bit of a lag from the initial release. There is NOTHING like this book. This is one to savor and I can honestly say that this has been on of the most satisfying literary experiences I've ever encountered. READ IT. I'd love to know what you think!

Well, now that I am a fast fan of Marina and Sergei, their latest novel that has been released because of English translation is not as amazing as Vita Nostra, but still VERY good and a pleasure to read. Daughter From the Dark is the latest release and seriously compelling and rich in imagery. I don't want to give anything away because the greatest pleasure is going in blind and coming out amazed and mind blown. Just read it.

The next two books, I will bracket together because it has to do with the evolution of fungi taking over--one on earth and one in space. Both I found incredibly entertaining and I plowed through both reads: The Genius Plague by David Walton

and Salvaged by Madeleine Roux. You'll never see mushrooms in the same light again.

My final two recommendations are Middlegame by Seanan McGuire and Vicious by V.E. Schwab. Both are about enhanced people, one pair in rebellion and flight against the fate carved by their creators, and one about two friends who played dangerously with death and found a dark side to the powers that may or may not be a gift on the other side. Think Flatliners, but just not stupid. There is also a sequel to Vicious that I am looking forward to diving into after I'm done with my current novel.

Is there a theme here? You bet. Complete escapism. Mysteries, "horror", science fiction, and fantasy (just the type without magic swords and dragons...yawn). I'll probably get back to less fantastical and more human novels eventually, but right now I'm having a grand time.

I'd love to know what you think about these novels and want to hear your recommendations. These novels have made quite an impression on me and I definitely enjoyed living in them while they lasted. Let me know about your list!

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